Cardboard recycling 101

Flattened cardboard compressed into cubes, stacked and ready to be picked up for recycling

Cardboard Recycling 101

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Think about it, these days, we have a lot of things delivered to us through the mail. While it’s convenient, it also uses a lot of cardboard! Cardboard boxes and packaging can be big and bulky, so we definitely want to find a good place for it. What we should be doing is recycling it. The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy wants to encourage and educate everyone on how to do that best, so take a look!

When it comes to cardboard, one thing you want to do, is remove the tape, foam, and other packing materials before you recycle it, because these items get stuck in the recycling machines and can cause a lot havoc. With the holiday season coming up, this is really important!

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