Paper MacKay

Paper MacKay

Paper Aficionado

Soft-spoken, well-read, looks great in plaid. Weeps a little when he plays the ancestral music of his homeland on his recycled paper bagpipes. While rummaging through neighborhood trash, he has found haggis only once.

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Paper's Rules for Recycling Paper

Check the rules for what recyclables are accepted in your local program.

No need to remove staples, paper clips or plastic windows from envelopes.

Keep it dry and free from liquid contaminants.

Paper coffee cups are not usually accepted (the inside is typically coated in plastic to prevent leaks).

Magazines and newspapers are usually recyclable.

Paper towels, tissues and napkins aren’t usually recyclable.

Wrapping paper is accepted in some programs if it is not metallic and does not have glitter or foil. Check the rules!

Cash register receipts cannot be recycled (thermal paper is plastic coated).

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Raccoon - Paper MacKay

What Paper MacKay is listening to

Life isn't always about recycling. It's about life – hanging out with your raccoon friends, napping in attic spaces, rummaging through dumpsters, engaging in nocturnal capers and, of course, obsessing about recycling. But no matter how you live your life, you need cool music to go with it.

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